Philming is the documentary production company of Marieke Rodenburg (Groningen 1978).  Marieke is a freelance filmmaker, cameraperson, editor and researcher in the field of documentary production, mainly on cultural, social, human rights, migration and historical issues. She studied history and journalism at the University of Groningen and half a year at the university of Harare, Zimbabwe. She also did photography school for two years and a master in visual anthropology in Brussels (Sound Image Culture).

‘Nine suitcases’ Ellen ten Damme and the Lilalo theatre


Together with scriptwriter Marie Kiebert, Interakt Productions and broadcasting company EO, Marieke directed and filmed together with Jaap Veldhoen  documentary about a former Yiddish Amsterdam theater Lilalo and its founders, the nomadic artists Jossy Halland and her husband and pianist Jacques Halland, who have been part of a fascinating part of European history and their way of livingThe Dutch singer Ellen ten Damme is collaborating to discover the personal history of Jossy as an inspiration for her new show.

The story traces along the lines of the radical Yiddish theatre in Warschau where Jossy was born and started her career, their performances in Brussels in the refuge tramway house and Paris in the 30’s and 40’s, their incredible escape on a 2-person bike to the south of France, where they survived the WOII by  being part of the resistance movement, Maquis, their travels and performances though Europe with nine suitcases, and establishing their well known Lilalo theatre in the end of 50s. It offered a safe and welcoming place in post war Amsterdam, for Jews and non-Jews, being the last Yiddish theater in Western Europe. 

Yuri Honing

In 2018 she developed a filmplan about saxofonist Yuri Honing and his art work with artist Mariecke van der Linden.  

Theo Loevendie

She directed ‘Alles wat klinkt’, a documentary on musician and composer Theo Loevendie, broadcasted by de Joodse Omroep in 2015, produced bij Oogland filmproductions.

Lied van Ballingschap’ – Nasim Khaksar

She did research and wrote the script for the documentary about Iranian writer Nasim Khaksar, who is living in exile in Utrecht. This film, produced by Oogland has been screened at the Netherlands Filmfestival in 2016 and broadcasted by RTV Utrecht and BBC Persia.

End of film Alles wat klinkt

Alles wat klinkt, documentary of Marieke Rodenburg on jazz musician and composer Theo Loevendie, broadcasted by Joodse omroep, sept 2015.

Her production company Philming also produces commisioned videoproductions for different organisations and companies.

Since three years she is teaching documentary production at CREA  at the University of Amsterdam. 

Research 'Lied van Ballingschap' over Nasim Khaksar

filmstill from script of ‘Lied van Ballingschap’ on the writer Nasim Khaksar, a production by Oogland filmproductions.

From 2004-2009 she was a lecturer at the University of Ghent at the Communication department, on filmstudies, journalism, gender and diversity in the media. Also she taught and coached from 2009-2013 at Inholland filmstudies. At the summer academy in Dworp she facilitated for 4 years a media art week, together with Berlin based artist Clara Bausch, using archival and found footage and new film telling stories on memory.

Next to that she collaborates with different artists, colleagues in and outside the audiovisual world.

still from Phobia

Different teasers for Slagwerk den Haag.

Marieke is also part of the organisation Cineblend, a monthly film and debate evening in Pakhuis de Zwijger on

cultural diversity in the media.


‘Borders’ on the outside borders of Europe. A Mediane project collaboration with Philine von Dúszeln.