Schermafbeelding 2015-08-06 om 16.57.05

A short film of Diego Marras (radio RAI) and Marieke Rodenburg (Philming) about reconstructing the city of Matera including building new relations between the city and its (new) inhabi

tants. It was made during a 3-days exchange initiated by the Mediane project of the Council of Europe and RAI Italy, during the Materadio festival in Materia, 17-21 September 2014.

It tells about the builders, people working in the tourist sector, visitors and their gaze on the ground of Matera. Sound and image aim to give a gaze on the reconstruction of an area called Sassi in the southern Italian city of Matera declarSchermafbeelding 2015-08-06 om 16.57.41ed part of the Unesco Heritage in 1993.

The images and the voices witness the past and the present of Matera.
We start with the voice of a Finnish artist describing the way tourism transforms places and people. Then two young boys from Northern Africa working in tourism and restaurants tell the recent changes and an old man reveals the past while two construction workers from Albania explain the skills you need to have to deal with tuff and the beauty of it.