Hans broek


Hans Broek. ‘Over de klunzigheid van de mens’ . A film about the artist painter Hans Broek. In summer 2020 Hans Broek is finalizing his impressive large painting the ‘Slave house’,  as part of his exhibition The Things I Used To Do, museum De Pont in Tilburg. He thinks the history of Dutch Slavery is always been hidden and the public is often not willing to emphatize truly this dark part of history. He tries to communicate this past through his physical way of painting. As a family of the ‘Admirality’ member from the 17th century who was responsible for the policy behind the Dutch Slave trade, his work raises questions about the collective responsibility of retelling this story. As the work progresses, Hans is trying to balance between his fear for the many possibilities to escape in esthetics in the museum and his role as a painter to let the public engage in his work.

Director and camerawork Marieke Rodenburg. Sounddesign Olaf Kerckhaert. Screened at Museum De Pont in Tilburg from 1st of April 2021

Watch the film here

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